40-453 series Cutterbars and Cutterchains:

  • Superior steel – BOWDIL utilizes the highest grade of steel available that has been proven in real working conditions for the past 90 plus years.
  • Replaceable wear strips – BOWDIL’s replaceable wear strips allow our Cutterbars to be rebuilt countless times, we have remanufactured 25 year old cutterbars to a like new condition.
  • Roller bearing cutterhead assembly – BOWDIL roller bearing cutterhead assembly reduces drag on the machine, less drag allows the cutting motor to be more efficient. The head assembly also affords a smother cutting operation that reduces machine, equipment and operator fatigue.


    BOWDIL cutterchains utilize a lug/lug chain design, which competitors are not able to offer, this lug/lug design gives The BOWDIL Company a clear advantage. A lug/lug chain offers:
    1. Increases chain life expectancy
    2. Provides many chain lacing options
    3. Allows the machine chain drive sprocket to drive every lug resulting in additional chain horse power available at the cutting face.
    4. Between every cutting lug a hardened pin & bushing attach the lugs together. This superior design is a bearing type set up resulting in the most productive chain on the market.